j.w. Adkins - Composer

Strange Tales from Appalachia: Pammanottus

Re-imagined Appalachian Folktale for Chamber ensemble and Actors

Narrated by Michael Bishop

Pammanottus is a 20-minute self-contained story - the first in an envisioned set of Strange Tales from Appalachia. Future plans include a stop-motion film version with an orchestral score.

Pigs are Friends

Commercial for Farm Sanctuary with Filmmaker Melanie Mandl (Agency: One/x)

I worked with Los Angeles-based filmmaker/artist Melanie Mandl on this comercial spot for FarmSanctuary, an animal advocacy group. We wanted the music to have a retro/chiptunes feel. For a future project, it would be fun to program some hardware to play music and record that in the studio.

CYC orchestral score

Stopmotion film with Filmmaker Melanie Mandl

This project is in progress... looking forward to sharing more media as it becomes available! In the meantime, I made a short playlist from some initial tracks.


GWAR + RVA orchestra

I'm working with Michael Bishop (former Beefcake, current Blothar) on a project that involves incorporating the orchestra with live and recorded GWAR performances.

Strange Tales from Appalachia

(as told by Meemaw and Paw Paw and Them)

Set of re-imagined Appalachian Folktales, set to music.

The Misery Brothers

Country/Soul band

j.w. Adkins


In progress